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About Renew Hope

Renew Hope is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization.  

Our Mission:

To inspire a culture against the evils of sex trafficking and renew the lives of women who have survived it.

We focus on two critical avenues for impact:  

  1. Education & Awareness

  2. Survivor Life Recovery Services

Education & Awareness

To raise awareness and educate our communities we provide STAGE (Sex Trafficking Awareness Guidance & Education) events and presentations to schools, churches, business and business groups, clubs and more.  Additionally, Renew Hope conducts what we call Live Life - Give Life events designed to raise awareness and funding for the mission.  

Survivor Life Recovery Services

Renew Hope works with adult survivors of sex trafficking by providing mentorship relationships through our SAM (Survivor Advocate & Mentor) program and through the Amborella House.  Both services are designed to increase safety, bring healing and preparation for a bright and self-sustained future for sex trafficking survivors.  

Renew Hope is also launching in 2023. 

The helpline will service survivors, law enforcement, health services and other non-profit organizations as a "first point of contact" for any needs related to sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.


We are committed to leading our state by providing the most comprehensive platform of services and resources for victims and those who wish to serve them effectively.

Renew Hope now has over 150+ volunteers, dozens of events and has presented to over 100 organizations in 2022.  

Please join us by volunteering, partnering or donating.  We help people like YOU make a difference in the battle against SEX TRAFFICKING.

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