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Be an Event Host

Raise Awareness and Raise Funds

Renew Hope has a unique fundraising and awareness platform called Live Life - Give Life. 

This event based platform allows for local business, groups, or churches to host an event that bring several key benefits:

  1. Great marketing for your organization.  By hosting the event your organization receives excellent exposure and positive imaging inside your community.  The event is designed to grow your footprint among your customers and partners. 

  2. Raises awareness for the cause.  Each event has the power to include hundreds of people who are not aware of Renew Hope or the mission of sex trafficking locally. 

  3. Makes a huge financial impact by leveraging the power of small donations from many people.  Each Live Life - Give Life event has an impact goal of $15,000 to $25,000. 

By becoming a Live Life - Give Life event partner you have the added benefit of great team building within your organization and the intense benefit of knowing that you just accomplished something amazing for your community and your world. 

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