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Important Sponsor Information

Sponsorship makes all the difference...

Thank you so much for considering sponsorship of the Renew Hope Golf Tournament

There are four sponsorship options with fantastic value and benefits for your business or organization.  Here are a few items to consider: 

  1. The goal of the tournament is 60 golfers and $60,000 raised

  2. The $60,000 is raised $100 at a time by our golfers

  3. The power of the sponsorship is that it allows for every single dollar raised to go directly to the mission of Renew Hope. 

  4. Our sponsors are dear to us and we go a long way to promote them to the followers and stakeholders of our organization.  Even if you don't need the business it shows our community the kind of organization you are.  

Please consider sponsorship.  All the benefits and opportunities are listed on this registration page.  CLICK HERE

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