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Survivor Mentorship

Linking arms with survivors

The SAM program is a one-on-one, structured, certified mentorship program that stays with the sex trafficked survivor long-term through their recovery life transitions. 

Each mentor/mentee relationship will be unique, based upon the needs of the participant.  The overall goal of the relationship is to assist in the areas of need such as:

  • Emotional/Spiritual Support

  • Healthy Decision Making

  • Goal Setting

  • Life Skills Development

  • Case Management/Advocacy

  • Housing

In our experience, we have found that beyond the initial need for safe housing, adult survivors truly need someone to come alongside them, long-term, as they navigate a new way of life.  Our trained and certified mentors are fully equipped to help in this way.  

After an extensive interview process and background check, our mentors complete trauma-informed training from Wellspring Living.  Our mentors also undergo personality assessments to assist in matching them to mentees and to maximize their mentorship impact.  Mentors are also required to attend monthly training/support meetings. 

Mentors and mentees will meet, by phone or in person, 1-2 days a week for no more than 3 hours per week.  The duration of the mentoring relationship is determined individually by the mentor and mentee, but is designed to stay with the mentee long term.  This makes the SAM program extremely powerful and unique.

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