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We help YOU make a difference

At Renew Hope it is our motto to Help People Like You Make a Difference in the Battle Against Sex Trafficking. 

We have 3 Impact Teams where you could serve as a volunteer and make an impact. 

1.  Programming and Administration

This Impact Team ranges from serving as a survivor mentor to office administration.  These are critical areas that require dedicated volunteers to fulfill our mission.  We would be eager to give you place to use your unique gifts and talents to impact the mission of helping survivors. 

2.  Marketing and Communications

This Impact Team is looking for energetic and creative people to help us get the word of our mission out and communicate the amazing opportunities that exist.  Photographers, video capture and production, writers, social media, We have a team for you and we would love to talk to you about how you can make an impact while using your gifts and talents.


3.  Events & Fundraising

This Impact Team is dedicated to helping to create amazing events that help raise awareness of the sex trafficking issue in the local communities and raise funds for the mission of Renew Hope at the same time.  Renew Hope holds two of our own events each year:  The Renew Hope Golf Tournament in the summer and the Renew Hope Banquet in February each year.  


Put your skills the work of making a difference and be a part of a Renew Hope Impact Team.

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